Group Health Care Solutions



At ELAP, we give our clients the opportunity to treat their medical costs in the same manner that they would any other business cost.


ELAP has differentiated itself in the market with a unique service offering that includes:

  • ELAP pays facility charges based on what the provider files with CMS on their actual cost of service each year, not a discount off some fictitious billing charge as PPO’s do
  • ELAP assists in developing plan language that contains clearly Stated and rational limits of reimbursement based on the provider’s Actual cost of service
  • Plan design that puts you in control of your plan funds
  • Co-fiduciary services to help with difficult plan decisions
  • Strong member defense from start to finish
  • Comprehensive analytics that inform and optimize; able to detect Trends and identify opportunities
  • Robust client services and balance bill support team
  • ELAP audits each medical bill for inaccuracies, ensuring that only allowable charges will be paid
  • ELAP can replace your current self-funded program or fully insured program