High Risk Life Insurance FAQ's


Can I Qualify For Life Insurance If I Have Diabetes?

Depending upon your medication and level of control, we have many programs for even the most severe cases. For those over 50 who currently take oral medication only for diabetes, you may qualify for a “Standard” rate with some of our insurance carriers. For those using insulin or taking several types of medications, the rate will be higher than standard, depending upon your lab test results and the age you were when you contracted diabetes.

Can I Qualify For Life Insurance If I Had A Heart Attack?

Normally, you will be eligible for life insurance one year after a heart attack or heart surgery, but the rate will depend upon the level of damage and your follow-up test results with your cardiologist. We also have programs available for persons with a pacemaker or defibrillator.

Can I Qualify For Life Insurance If I Have

Been Treated For Cancer?

With many types of cancer, including breast and prostate cancers, most insurers will accept an application one year after all treatment has ended and you have been declared “cancer free.” Early stage cancers are easier to insure and can be insured soonest after treatment. For those who have been treated for lymphoma or late stage cancers, however, the wait period is usually two or three years.

Can I Qualify For Life Insurance If I Have

Been Declined By Another Company Recently?

In most cases, “yes.” It depends upon the reason for the decline. Many companies will simply not approve applicants on certain types of medications no matter how well controlled the situation is. Our specialty is matching your profile (medical history and current medications) with the company that will most likely view your application favorably. And we will usually submit your application to more than one company just to make sure.


Is all tobacco use treated the same way?

Some companies will offer nonsmoker rates to those who smoke less than 4 cigars per month or use chewing tobacco. Otherwise, you must quit smoking for at least one year to be rated non-tobacco.